Wednesday, November 2, 2016

THE PRO-ABORTION LOBBY SHOWS ITS TRUE FACE But... what should be our answer?

The issue of abortion came again in the forefront recently. In the Polish Parliament, there was a debate on a Bill for a stricter ban on abortion. Of course, the pro-abortionists used this opportunity to criticize this effort and to frame the people who want to protect the life of the unborn. Interestingly, they are also openly proclaiming that abortion is an EU competence neglecting the legal limitations of the EU. One week before, another meeting was organized in the European Parliament by the S&D Group where they discussed about what to do with doctors or midwifes who can not perform abortions because of their conscience. The freedom to choose does not seem to be valid for doctors with another worldview. 

That's why they are pushing them to act against their conscience. The pro-abortionists or the so-called, "freedom to choose" movement showed its real face going against freedom and against democratic restraints. They believe that other opinions or views should be restrained legally and people should be pushed to act against their conscience even if other solutions are possible. Why? Because the pro-abortionists do not like to have space for people with another worldview. Therefore I would propose them to change the latest logo of the pro-abortionists movements with the title "All of Us" into "All for us" which probably would fit much better with their aims. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

10th EU Anti Trafficking Day. A Call for Action

The 18th of October is the 10th EU Anti Trafficking day. This day is an opportunity to reflect on our anti-trafficking policies and a call for more targeted action. Last Tuesday, as General Secretary of the European Parliament Working Group on Human Dignity, I was involved in organizing an event on Human Dignity with the title "Combating Human Trafficking”. It was a very fruitful meeting that showed that there is substantial interest across political groups in the European Parliament on this issue. The event was hosted by MEPs Bastiaan Belder (ECR, Chair of the Steering Committe of the Working Group) and Diane Dodds (NA). Keynote speakers were: Lord Maurice Morrow (Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly) who tabled the latest law on prostitution in Northern Ireland based on criminalizing the client, Maria Vassiliadou, (EU anti-trafficking coordinator) and Frits Rouvoet (Director of Brightfame Foundation) who helps prostitutes in Amsterdam to leave prostitution. Besides, other MEPs of the working group contributed actively to this meeting. All participants agreed that efforts must be stepped up on a national and EU - level in order to stop this modern slavery. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Turkish invasion in Syria is a serious threat for the security in Europe

ECPM MEP Branislav Skripek (ECR) organized a press conference yesterday in the European Parliament that focused on developments in Syria after the Turkish invasion. Speakers besides Mr. Skripek were: Saleh Muslim vice-president from the Kurdish Party in Syria and David Vergili from the European Syriac Union. You can read the full press release here.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Refugees deserve Human Dignity

Yesterday, as Secretary General of the European Parliament Working Group on Human Dignity, I helped to organize (together with the offices of MEPs Bas Belder and Luigi Morgano) and participated in an event of the Working Group with the title "Refugees and Human Dignity". It was a very successful event  that offered to all participants new insights on the situation of refugees in Europe. Seven Members of the European Parliament as well as representatives of different NGOs, Parliamentarian assistants and experts participated to this meeting. You can read below the official press release that was issued after the event.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Large international gathering to unite for Christian values and Ukraine

More than 550 participants joined the "international forum on Cooperation of politicans and civil society to protect Christian values”
Last week, After the 5th Ukrainian Prayer Breakfast, around 550 politicians, representatives of NGOs, and churches gathered together around the international forum on the "Cooperation of Politicians and Civil Society in the Promotion of Christian Values on the International Arena". The forum was organised by ECPM and the factional Parliamentary Group "for spirituality, morality and health for the Ukraine". Distinguished speakers and experts from all over the world, as well as local contributors discussed on the issue of the Promotion of Christian Values and the ways the collaboration between decision makers, academics and civil society can become more effective. On the final day of the conference, participants signed the "Declaration on the Establishment of a "European Christian Coalition". 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Euthanasia in the Netherlands: Dignity or Danger?

The issue of euthanasia is becoming more and more relevant in Europe today. As Secretary General of the Working Group for Human Dignity, on behalf of their members, I organized an event last month where all participants noted that the elderly and terminally ill should be treated with respect and human dignity. Unfortunately, in Belgium, euthanasia was also seen as a part of palliative care, focusing on the so-called "dignity to die". Also the country where I come from, the Netherlands, has become a "champion" for euthanasia, becoming the first country that legalized euthanasia. This article, which was written with the kind help of the De Nederlandse Patiëntenverening, the Italian Matchman News and my assistant Lefteris Kaloterakis, shows how this issue has evolved in the public discourse and how the practice of euthanasia threatens the life and human dignity of thousands of my compatriots.

Friday, April 29, 2016

A fruitful meeting with Italian students

On the 26th of April, I had the privilege to meet in the European Parliament in Brussels, students from the European University of Rome. The European University of Rome is a private, legally recognized, Catholic University which is part of a big network of universities widespread in many countries throughout the world. The University’s mission is to form in its students independent personalities that will be driven by Christian principles.