About Leo

Welcome to the blogspot of Leo van Doesburg. Leo is a Dutchman living in Timişoara, Romania and travelling a lot, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe for the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM). This blogspot was presented to Leo by some friends.

Leo is Officer for Relations and Networking and Regional Representative in Central and Eastern Europe of the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM). Read more about the ECPM here.

Please feel free to interact with Leo through this blog and or facebook and twitter.


  1. Hello Leo, the link to ECPM is not working anymore. For the rest it's a great block

  2. Thank you for your remark, I just fixed the dead link.

  3. Thank you for all of your hard work in Eastern Europe. We appreciate your sacrifice and service. Will you be back in Moldova any time soon?

  4. Would love to have you come and speak. Is there a link where we can connect with your office. Thank you,
    Lana Packer